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A responsive modern/flat design theme designed to unleash your website content potential. Built based upon HTML5, CSS3 and the rock solid Hybrid Core framework, ensuring you to get the best out of design and backend code. Support WordPress post formats, with specially tailored design for every supported post formats. Built in touch ready featured content slider with configurable content options, you can easily show your best content to audiences. With Theme customizer and custom css, you can easily customize the theme look and feel to match your desire. This theme is a perfect starting point for any kind of website you desired to own.

Theme Notes

Theme Options

Modify backend functionality from theme options. On Footer settings, you can edit the footer text, website link and theme link. On Featured slider settings, you can disable featured slider and specify featured slider content by category. On Custom css settings, you can add css to modify theme look and feel without directly editing theme css files.

Theme Customizer

Most of theme functionality and design can be customized from theme customizer. See appearance -> Themes -> Under description of current theme choose Customize, in order to access it. In theme customizer, you can upload your website logo and change your theme colors.

 Featured Slider

You can add content to Featured slider by assigning sticky post or by selecting categories to assign content by category on Theme Settings. You can also disable featured slider altogether if you do not need one. If no featured category found and no post set to sticky, it will get latest post as content.

Featured image Functionality

Post thumnail appear on list of post and single page for standard and gallery post format. You can specify featured image or the first image will be used as featured image.

Post Formats

Posts with the aside, status & quote post formats will displayed with no title;
the quote post format will only display the post’s first
<blockquote> tag.
Posts with the link post format will link out to the first tag in the post.
Post with gallery format will get three images from the gallery list.
Post format Audio and Video will embeed the audio/video player inside the post and on each individual post on list of post.
Post format chat will highligh every person bubble with diffrent colors.

Widgets Areas

You can easily add widget on 3 customizable widgetized area, consisting wide right sidebar and two small left and righ sidebar.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to change logo and theme colors?

Go to theme customizer, See Appearance -> Themes -> Under description of current theme choose Customize.

Images on Featured slider (other places) didn’t look proportional / weird

Please upload image with same aspect ratio, Ideally with 768x372px. You can use Force regenerate Thumbnail ( to take care for old posts.

How to add Hot Video widget on sidebar?

You have to install Query Posts plugin (, and add the widget to sidebar. On post_class in the widget options, add query-widget-sidebar as class. On post_format, add post-format-video to only show video or post-format-video, post-format-audio to show both video and audio.

The theme layout break / look bad on Internet Explorer 8?

Sorry, this theme only support Internet Explorer 9 and newer version. Atleast the layout degraded nicely on IE8.

I don’t see any menus?

You have to assign menus to the primary and secondari menu from Menus in Dashboard.

How do I contact you?

You can shoot me email at septianahmad[at]naisinpo[dot]com, visit my blog at or mention me on twitter @fujianto.


  • Better semantic HTML.
  • Fixing CSS bug on blockquote, video embeed and logo area.
  • Better sanitize custom CSS.
  • Using Theme Mods on Customizer.
  • Bigger logo area.
  • Larger body font for better readibility.
  • More Whitespace on Boxed area.
  • Fixing Child Theme bug.
  •  Initial Release.

A WordPress fanboi and hobbyist from Indonesia. I do not make my living from WordPress, and just doing it for hobby on spare times. If you need something and I have time, let’s talk and shoot me email here septianahmad[at]naisinpo[dot]com. or Poke @fujianto on Twitter.


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    Hi, got the latest update, the logo size is bigger now but the search box in the header is out of place, it is placed below the logo, take a look here also there is a margin on both sides of header container which does not look good, how to remove that?
    Thank you

      1. Reply

        I’ve visited your site and didn’t find anything out of place, the search box correctly placed on the right of logo. For the empty margin on the left of logo, You have to create your own Menu under Appearance > Menus and add it to ‘Primary’ menu location. Also, try to delete the theme and re-download it to see if it fix the bug.

  2. Reply

    Enjoying using your theme.
    1. On the slider, the box inside which the images fit seems to be fixed very deep, which is leaving a lot of white space below the image. Is there a way of Neutro calculating the image size and cutting off the white space? Maybe this is a WP problem? Or is it because my images are all different sizes? (I have just moved everything over from another theme)
    2. I also don’t seem to have any thumbnails on the slider – is Neutro supposed to generate these?
    3. Is there a way of selecting out categories from the slider list or of opting just one in?

    1. Reply

      Hi Colin, Glad you like the Theme.

      1. About the slider problem, All of the images on the Featured Slider should have same size / aspect ratio to prevent the big gap you mention. You have to regenerate all thumbnail with this plugin , It should crop the images and fit the Featured slider nicely.

      2. Neutro will get the Featured image you set on post or grab the first image available.

      3. Yes, Hold CTRL button, then left click on the list of category you wish to be featured. You can select multiple category to be featured by doing that.

  3. Reply

    Hi, could you please tell how to display the logo size bigger?

    1. Reply

      Hi, the next version will have bigger logo area. Just wait for it.

  4. Reply

    Great theme man, love it. Can you please tell how to increase the logo size? I want to display a bigger logo there but cant seem to find a way how to do that. Would appriciate some help.
    Thank you

  5. Reply

    Is Neutro template easily integrated with Optimize Press?

    1. Reply

      Hi Ariadne,
      I’m not sure about that, since Optimize Press is a premium services and I couldn’t test it to see if it’s integrated easily or not with Optimize Press.

  6. Reply

    Can you post a screenshot of what you used in the Query Posts widget for the secondary sidebar (Hot Video?) posts? I can get the posts to show up, but the embedded video is not there. When I check the box to show ‘content’ the post appears full-size, below the title, and goes off the screen. I am using am not using any kind of code in the post itself, just the url to the YouTube site. Here is the test site address:

  7. Reply

    Hi there, Just a quick note to say I love your theme Neutro! I am having a go at creating my own website but need your help if you can assist, that would be fantastic.
    I think I am having a similar problem as the guy Jimbo in the above comment. The first image of my post and page is appearing very large and is distorted because it is low resolution. Is it possible to not have this image go so large?
    Kind regards

    1. Reply

      Hello, the theme is designed to show large featured image on post. I suggest you to use a large image Ideally with 768x372px. Please use this plugin to generate proper thumbnail on older post. I’ll try to fix it on the future update, after fixing other pesky bugs.

  8. Reply


    I’m using your Theme Neutro and Disqus for comments, but the comments are blocked.

    Can you can help me, please?

  9. Reply

    Hi, great theme but I have a little problem I hope you can help me with. I want to remove the link that is within the tag and surrounds the featured image of a post. How do i do that? I am using an image that is only 340px wide but even when I mouseover to the right of the image on a blank part of the page the bit stretches right across to fill the whole content area.

    Example source :

    1. Reply

      Hello, sorry for the late reply.

      Which link did you mean? do you want to remove featured image on single post? Could you explain more or take screenshot? since I’m not sure which part of the themes you want to modify.

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