vibrant-boxHi, I’m Septian Ahmad Fujianto. WordPress Developer from Jakarta, Indonesia. I’ve been actively using WordPress since 2008 and begin Profesionally doing WordPress development for four years. I also having great interest and keeping my eyes open on the latest Front end development technology such as Angular JS, React JS, and other new technology. On my spare times, I also do Android Apps development as Pet project and mainly doing it for fun.

If you need something from me, let’s talk and shoot me email here septianahmad[at]naisinpo[dot]com.

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  1. Shane Baker Avatar

    Hey Fujianto,

    I really appreciate the wordpress theme’s you’ve created! Especially Neutro! That theme is awesome!

    I wanted to message you concerning this theme because I really like the way it looks but I wanted to ask you if you could make it more user friendly like the blackbird theme? I’ve tried creating my own CSS on this theme, specifically to change the size and color of font, heading’s, etc. But I can’t seem to get it to work. Also I cannot get my logo to appear on the top of the page. I just wanted to let you know because this might be a bug? Or maybe my file is too big. If that’s the case could you make the top part adjustable so it can be bigger or smaller? Thanks! If you could do that! You would definitely get a lot more users to like, use & share your theme Neutro! 🙂

    Of course before I leave! I want to thank you again! GOOD JOB! And keep it up!

    – Shane

    1. Fujianto Avatar

      Hello Shane,

      Thanks for your kind words. I’m sorry if you found it’s difficult to customize Neutro, I’ve always tried to make all of my Theme as user friendly and easy to use as possible, so it will ready to use with out too much playing around with Theme settings. To add your custom CSS, please add it using Custom CSS box inside theme settings, make sure you are using correct css selector.

      About the logo, On theme customizer please remove the default logo, then upload your own logo with small size, if possible the logo width should be around 170px, save and publish. Unfortunately, the top part is fixed that way or it will break the other part of theme. You are welcome to adjust it with custom CSS,if you know what you are doing.

      Anyway, Neutro theme is still under review of, I’ve used their awesome theme framework to build Neutro. It will be improved in the future.


  2. Hans Martens Avatar
    Hans Martens


    I like your theme very much. Thanks!

    Hans Martens
    from Netherlands

    1. Fujianto Avatar

      Hello Hans,

      Thanks for liking my Theme, It means a lot for me.

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