Exray Theme 1.2.3 Released and Approved by WordPress.org

Finally, after several-failed attempt submitting Exray Theme to WordPress theme repository, Exray theme version 1.2.3 got approved and released to the WordPress community. It’s a really valuable experience for me creating Exray theme, because this is the first WordPress theme that I’ve ever developed. Developing with coding best practices in mind, I want to ensure users didn’t have troubles using this theme with other plugins.

Special thanks to Zgani, the one who reviewed Exray theme. I learn many of things  from your pointer to develop a proper WordPress Theme, I’m truly grateful. Thinking about it now, submitting Themes to WordPress.org isn’t as easy as people thought. It takes time and patience for new Theme Developer to meet the standard and resolve all issues raised by theme reviewer.  Don’t be discouraged by that.  By following the reviewer advice, WordPress theme development and review guidelines,  your WordPress theme should be approved soon.

A little secret from me, make sure you dig and explore Twenty Twelve Theme source code and if possible, apply the tricks you found to your theme. Why should you do it? I believe most reviewers on WordPress.org based their review on default theme best practices. To sum it up, I’m happy to be able to contribute something to WordPress community and gain experiences doing my first open source project.

A WordPress fanboi and hobbyist from Indonesia. I do not make my living from WordPress, and just doing it for hobby on spare times. If you need something and I have time, let’s talk and shoot me email here septianahmad[at]naisinpo[dot]com. or Poke @fujianto on Twitter.


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    Hello Fujianto- I continue to be very happy and very impressed with your theme. Really really excellent work. I have one little problem that I have not been able to figure out. Hopefully you can tell me without too much trouble or time on your part:
    1) I am trying to change the background color in the drop-down menu for the main navigation menu. I can modify the css to change the main background, but cannot find the right class to change the dropdown background….can you please direct me to the correct css class….it has occurred to me that since you have auto-colors in use, that perhaps my attempts are being over-ridden?


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    Please keep this theme updated it works great besides the flaw on categories and pages that do not display Older Post and Newer Post at the bottom which I extracted the code off main page and added it myself for fix.

    I spent $100 on 2 elite themes from themeforest and the themes are false advertised and do not fully work with 3.6 no audio or video will post on them.

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      Thanks, I’ll try to update as frequently as I can. Glad you can fix it.

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    Hi, great theme. How do I get a full page width footer rather than 4 individual footers.

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      It can be done. Just open footer.php and delete all but leave the first footer.
      Change it from this line of code.

      to this code, with just one footer.

      Then, open sidebar-first-footer.php and change span3 to span12.
      Very simple, right? 😉

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    Congratulations !
    Your theme is the clearest I have ever seen 😉

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      Thanks, I’ve got inspired by Metro UI. Glad you like it.

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