This is the first Theme update after approved by WordPress theme repository. It didn’t take too long to get this update approved, unlike the first time Exray Theme first submitted to the repository. This update fix broken layout on Internet Explorer 9, caused by some silly typo on Javascript conditional for Internet Explorer. There is also a new option to display content on homepage and archive with excerpt or full content with readmore. I’ve tested it on the latest version of WordPress 3.6.1 and it’s all working perfectly. Please leave comment or send me email if you find bugs so I can fix it as soon as I can. For the meantime, enjoy!

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5 responses to “Exray theme 1.3 released – Nightly coding for Internet Explorer bug fix”

  1. Letizia Avatar

    If I click on category, in the end of the list there is not “older post”, but I only see links to posts with random category.
    Example: Profumi Donna, the end of the list on the page there is not “older posts”

  2. Týr Avatar

    After update again last night theme still has no style sheet in IE9 confirmed, no post truncate (summary) the front page and all other post are still showing full after re-saving all options to be sure.

    1. Týr Avatar

      Had to revert back to 1.2.3 again after just now retesting the theme update

    2. Týr Avatar

      In IE you have to turn compatibility mode off to see the website right.

      The biggest issue here is why are the post everywhere fully expanded overwriting the theme and WP core options of summary post?

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