This latest version of Exray Theme released mainly to resolve Content Option bug on version 1.3 which showing content in Excerpt isn’t working. It’s a silly mistake on my part caused by drowsiness doing nightly coding. The new WordPress 3.6.1 HTML5 features are also added on this update, for Search and Comment form. Last but not least, Editor style feature is finally implemented. With editor style, you can view how your post will be directly inside Post editor, pretty neat feature if you ask me. Enjoy the latest update, and leave comment if you found bugs or have request for new features for future relase.

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7 responses to “Exray Theme 1.4 Released – Bug fix, new WordPress HTML5 and Editor Styles support”

  1. Natalia Avatar

    Hi, the theme is great but I amhaving a problem I was hoping you can help me with.

    I am trying to use exray with a child theme but it doesn’t seem possible without basically copying all the files over and modifying them, which seems to defeat the object of a child theme.
    I want to change the function that opens the main content part `get_exray_content_html_opening` but if I create it in the child theme it tells me it is already defined, since it isn’t declared with `if ( ! function_exists` like it says on the wordpress documentation.

    So the alternative seems to be to create a diferent function with the modifications but this function is called in all the template files ie: index.php, page.php, category.php etc…so basically I might as well just modify the original template, since future changes won’t be applied anyway.

    Any suggestions?

    1. Fujianto Avatar

      Hello Natalia, Sorry for the late reply.

      I didn’t test child theme functionality on this theme yet, I’ll get back to you soon.


  2. Nynke Avatar

    Hi, nice theme!

    I have a few questions. When I look at the example of your theme, I see that there is a nice rectangle-shaped picture in the header. When I import a picture or the logo, it becomes very big and covers most of the header. How do I get the same nice rectangular shape?

    Another question: when I have buttons in the sidebar, they correspond to the buttons in the horizontal bar. Is it possible to have buttons in the sidebar that are not in the horizontal bar, and the other way round?

    Thanks for your help!
    Nynke from Amsterdam

    1. Fujianto Avatar

      Hello, Nynke. Sorry for the late reply. I’ve been really busy for this past month.

      For the logo, you have to resize it to smaller size. Preferably with width and height didn’t more than 200px and 50px respectively.

      For the Ad banner on the right of header, resize it to 468×60 px.

      What kind of button do you want to put on sidebar? I’m not sure about your questions.

  3. FAF Avatar

    Thank you for this nice theme. How about including Goggle Fonts in your theme? – because I have some issues with nordic characters, like “æøå”. A font from Google would be a very welcome feature. Thx

    1. Fujianto Avatar

      Hi, you can use WP Google Fonts – to do that. Very simple to use..

  4. capsalis Avatar

    Thanks for beautiful theme and updates!

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