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A simple, clean and responsive theme build with HTML5 and Twitter Bootstrap. Designed to be starting point for your Website with unlimited possibility for customization, with Theme Customizer and Theme Options ready, you won’t get any trouble modifying most part of the theme. Some part of theme have auto color adjusment, it will adjust colors by calculating your input color and generate contrast color to make your content easier to read. You can always use Custom css on Theme Option if you willing to dirty your hands and don’t like auto adjusted colors. Using flat design concept, your content will standout catch your reader eyes.

Theme Features

Below are some highlighted features of Exray WordPress theme.

Theme Options

Modify backend functionality from theme options. On general options tab, you can change contact form email receiver and add custom scripts to head or footer of Theme. If you are looking for more customization for theme look and feel, you can put your custom css on Custom css tab textarea.

Theme Customizer

Most of theme functionality and design can be customized from theme customizer. See appearance -> Themes -> Under description of current theme choose Customize, in order to access it. In theme customizer, you can upload your website logo, top ad banner and change your theme colors.

Post Thumbnail Functionality

Post Thumbnails appear only in post lists, not on single posts.
You can easily set it by choosing “Set as Featured Image” when uploading an image or edit your post to add it.

Post Formats

Posts with the aside, status & quote post formats will displayed with no title;
the quote post format will only display the post’s first <blockquote> tag.
Posts with the link post format will link out to the first <a> tag in the post.

Widgets Areas

You can easily add widget on 6 customizable widgetized area, consisting left and right sidebar, fist, second, third and fourth footer.



  • New widgetized area, Header widget and Below header.
  • New widgetm Banner image.
  • Minor bug fix.


  • Fix broken layout on Internet Explorer 8 and 9.


  • Fix content option not working correctly.
  • Fix bug on Custom CSS output for special characters.
  • Add editor style CSS.
  • Add HTML5 semantic markup theme support for comment and search form.
  •  Fix css bug for no breaking title.


  •  Fix broken layout on Internet Explorer 9.
  •  Add new option to show content in excerpt or fullpost.


  • Fix license for Bootstrap.


  • Fix theme license.
  • Fix css bug.
  • Add attachment.php


  • Minor issues fix.


  • Remove contact page, Ad widget to follow WordPresss theme guidelines.
  • Add hide menu options.
  • Add hide go to top options.
  • Add new layout options.
  • Fix some code error on Exray class.


  • Add reCaptcha widget on contact form for spam prevention.
  • Major code refactor.
  • CSS bug fix.
  • Add shortcode support for link button and embed youtube video.


  • Initial Release.

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    Salam kenal Saudara Fujianto. Saya bangga dengan template exray yang Anda bikin. Saya beruntung ketika menemukan karya Anda. Setelah saya menerapkan template exray di web saya, loading web menjadi super ringan. Seo-nya pun super mantap. Terimakasih dan sukses selalu buat Anda. Salam

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