• Posting with WordPress for Android

    This is the first post written using WordPress for Android. Pretty nice App if you ask me. With beautiful flat interfaces that match nicely with Exray Theme. I don’t recommend to use WordPress for Android to write long post,  Aside or link post format is fine. Moderating and replying comment on the go are getting […]

  • Exray Theme 1.4 Released – Bug fix, new WordPress HTML5 and Editor Styles support

    This latest version of Exray Theme released mainly to resolve Content Option bug on version 1.3 which showing content in Excerpt isn’t working. It’s a silly mistake on my part caused by drowsiness doing nightly coding. The new WordPress 3.6.1 HTML5 features are also added on this update, for Search and Comment form. Last but […]

  • Exray theme 1.3 released – Nightly coding for Internet Explorer bug fix

    This is the first Theme update after approved by WordPress theme repository. It didn’t take too long to get this update approved, unlike the first time Exray Theme first submitted to the repository. This update fix broken layout on Internet Explorer 9, caused by some silly typo on Javascript conditional for Internet Explorer. There is […]

  • My Email got blocked by CloudFlare

    I’m sorry for being inactive on maintaining this blog and Exray Theme, because I got caught by flu recently. I also had to fix my email that didn’t receive any email at all. Because of that mistake, it costs me lot of time and opportunities. I’ve been thinking to use CloudFlare on one of my blog […]

  • Exray Theme 1.2.3 Released and Approved by WordPress.org

    Finally, after several-failed attempt submitting Exray Theme to WordPress theme repository, Exray theme version 1.2.3 got approved and released to the WordPress community. It’s a really valuable experience for me creating Exray theme, because this is the first WordPress theme that I’ve ever developed. Developing with coding best practices in mind, I want to ensure users didn’t […]

  • Exray WordPress Theme

    Download | Preview A simple, clean and responsive theme build with HTML5 and Twitter Bootstrap. Designed to be starting point for your Website with unlimited possibility for customization, with Theme Customizer and Theme Options ready, you won’t get any trouble modifying most part of the theme. Some part of theme have auto color adjusment, it will adjust […]

  • Dark Repulser Prototype WordPress Child Theme

    Finally after a long time being satisfied just as  a WordPress user, I finally release my first WordPress Theme to WordPress community. Of  course it’s still a really small contribution compared to what I’ve got so far from WordPress but, that’s a really good start, I suppose. Dark Repulser is a child theme of Prototype WordPress Theme from Theme Hybrid. […]

  • Hobi Karaokean? Cobain Showtime yuk!

    Wah, sepertinya dah lama banget nih gak ngupdate blog ini. Maklum lah saya mahasiswa tingkat akhir yang sibuk ngurusin skripsi. Tapi mulai sekarang saya usahakan tetep update blog ini secara berkala  minimal 1x seminggu :). Anyway, kemaren habis dari rumah temen kebetulan maen dan ketagihan game online seru bernama Showtime.

  • Download Theme Windows 7 Akatsuki Naruto Shippuden

    Download Theme Windows 7 Naruto Shippuden – Theme Windows Seven Akatsuki Anime Naruto Shippuden, Kamu penggemar serial anime Naruto Shippuden?

  • Map Dota 6.71b AI – Download Map AI 6.71b AI Plus Dota

    Download Map Dota 6.71b AI – Map Dota AI 6.71b terbaru. Map AI terbaru dota yang dirilis PBMN dilengkapi sistem baru pembagian Gold dan Experiance dinamis.