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A simple, clean and responsive theme build with HTML5 and Twitter Bootstrap. Designed to be starting point for your Website with unlimited possibility for customization, with Theme Customizer and Theme Options ready, you won’t get any trouble modifying most part of the theme. Some part of theme have auto color adjusment, it will adjust colors by calculating your input color and generate contrast color to make your content easier to read. You can always use Custom css on Theme Option if you willing to dirty your hands and don’t like auto adjusted colors. Using flat design concept, your content will standout catch your reader eyes.

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Exray is my first publicly released WordPress theme submitted and approved at WordPress.org repository. It is surprisingly quite popular, more than I anticipated. The design is quite simple with customizable options to change Theme look and feel.


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    Hello Fujianto,
    I am using a simple and wonderful Exray theme.
    I am using the latest version 1.5.2, but your site URL in the footer is incorrect.
    I request to correct URL.
    I hope your future will be glorious.

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      Hi, thanks for informing me about that. I’ve forgot to update the old url to my current website.
      Will be updated on the next version.

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        It’s an honor to be a help to you.
        I look forward to a theme being updated.

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