• Wuoymembership WordPress Theme

    Project Gallery Project Detail Wuoymembership WordPress plugin is quite popular and being used by many online product creator to sell their online products. Some of the plugin users desire to have unique UI to meet their own branding. Unfortunately, the plugin membership interfaces is using built in WordPress dashboard UI and will be difficult to customize. […]

  • Bangunjaringan WordPress Theme

    Project Gallery  Project Details My responsibility on this project are to do PSD conversion to functional WordPress themes, Integrate eCommerce shopping cart system, Custom login modal and other back-end function into WordPress theme. I also responsible handling customer support by providing Video tutorial and answer to customer problems.

  • Neutro WordPress Theme

    Project Details My second WordPress Theme released on WordPress.org repository. I’m releasing this themes as experiment on using new techniques I recently learn such as BootStrap and JQuery Masonry. Unfortunately, this Theme isn’t as popular as Exray , probably due to bug and not so customizable nature of this Theme. I’m using it on my personal […]

  • RumahITKu

    Project Details I’ve been tasked for both design and module development for RumahITKu Website. After the final PSD design approved and converted to static HTML page, I also integrate it to the custom ASP.NET custom CMS. I’m responsible developing Article, Featured slider and User comment modules.