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Back from Vacation

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I want to apologize first for not being able to answer the questions regarding Theme supports, December to early January really a bad time to do something productive. My slacking habit is on all time high and everyone around keep asking to go out playing around. One of my resolutions in 2014 is to reduce slacking and stop procrastinating.

I am recently on vacation visiting Singapore for the first time, an Impressive and well managed country. I really amazed with Singapore, especially with the fast and efficient public transportation with minimal nonexistent traffic jam.  I wish one-day the ancient Jakarta public transportation would be as good as Singapore and stop flooding every single year when rainy season comes.

There are many interesting places and landmark in Singapore, One of the buildings that caught my attention is Raffles Hotel. It has such a classic British design that really remind me with the colonial times where Ambassador and other important figures would stay there when doing business around Asia at that time. With luxurious services and nice scenery, not supprising it cost $600 ++ a night which is out of budget for a mere backpacker like myself.

Raffless Hotel Singapore

Other cool things I have done there is Indoor Skydiving. Normally, you have to fly thousand meters and strapped with your instructor to ‘fly’, in iFly Singapore you can do it safely without risking your life to do so. It feels like you are bugs who got blown away by wind from giant fan, it’s pretty exciting for me, since I couldn’t afford the real skydiving. Everything is excellent, except it’s kind of expensive. The cheapest fare is $70 a person for two skydives. No wonder most of the skydivers is European or American ready to throw some bucks for a glimpse of Skydiving excitement.

There are many interesting places I haven’t  at Singapore,  I’ll definitely  come back when I’ve got the next chance to go backpacking again. Now? Back to work, I guess.


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